buy Pregabalin 150mg Boasting a unique history, the unspoiled nature of the Scottish Highlands allows for its rich and vivid past to come to life. Experience breathtakingly beautiful scenery, UNESCO World Heritage sites, three-billion-year-old-geology and enduring tradition. With epic tales of battles, rebellions and wars the Highlands transport you to a different era and allow you to truly feel connected to their history.

Losal We have worked alongside your cruise operator and their team using our local expertise to ensure you maximise your time onshore and enjoy cultural experiences that expose you to the true majesty of the Highlands.

Stellenbosch Booking your excursions in this way ensures the local community receives the maximum long term value from your visit. It provides an industry that is sustainable for the long-term, which is important for local businesses in rural areas, and offers you protection if you are delayed on your trip for any reason.

LOCH NESS AND INVERNESS Loch Ness, famously home to the mythical “Nessie”, is situated amongst stunning Highland mountains.

You can indulge in some local produce at small villages including Drumnadrochit, take a sail on the Loch and use sonar to seek out the monster, or visit the ruins of the 500-year-old medieval Urquhart Castle.

The vibrant Highland city of Inverness lies at the mouth of the River Ness and provides plenty of opportunities to find traditional Highland gifts to take home.

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shore excursion to highlands
The Port of Cromarty Firth is ideally located within a short drive of the best the Highlands can offer. Half day or full day shore excursions are available to all the most authentic and exciting Highlands experiences.
Loch Ness and Inverness Loch Ness Monster
The beautiful Loch Ness, where you can experience the breathtaking beauty from shore or go out on daring tours looking for the famous Nessie


A world-famous distillery, Glenmorangie is situated near the tranquil Royal Burgh of Tain. Whisky has been produced here for over 170 years and the distillery is renowned for having the tallest stills of any in Scotland; producing a purer spirit.

The name translates to ‘Glen of Tranquility’ and here, expert guides can talk you through the whisky making process and offer you a unique insight into this quintessential Scottish trademark.

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Located near Nairn to the east of Inverness, Cawdor is a private family home owned by the Cawdor family as well as a popular tourist attraction. Featured in Shakespeare’s Macbeth, the atmospheric and dramatic castle is surrounded by beautiful gardens, a traditional tea room and a nine-hole golf course.

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shore excursion cawdor castle
The spectacular Cawdor castle and gardens


The course of history was changed at Culloden, on April 16th 1746. Culloden Battlefield is brought to life at the award-winning Visitor Centre, with interactive characters who witnessed or were involved in the 1746 battle that helped determine Scotland’s fate.

As a result of that defeat, the British government built three forts at Fort William, Fort Augustus and Fort George. Fort George, five miles from Culloden, is today still a British military barracks as well as a fine museum.

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Fort George
The Culloden Battlefield